Frequently Asked Questions

About Philippine E-Book Hub

1. What is Philippine E-Book Hub (PEBH)?

The Philippine E-Book Hub (PEBH) is a Web-based library designed for easy access to Filipiniana e-books.

2. What is a Filipiniana?

The Philippine E-Book Hub (PEBH) is a Web-based library designed for easy access to Filipiniana e-books.

  1. Those that were printed in the Philippines irrespective of the subject they treat of;
  2. Those that are about the Philippines, no matter in what language they were written or the place they were printed; and
  3. Those that were written by Filipinos on any subject, regardless of their imprint.

3. What is the company behind Philippine E-book Hub?

KITE E-learning Solutions, Inc., the creator and owner of the Philippine E-book Hub, is the education technology division of C&E Publishing, Inc. that specializes in the development of e-learning materials and aggregation of ejournals and ebooks. C&E Publishing Inc. is a premier academic publishing company in the Philippines.

Joining Philippine E-Book Hub (PEBH)

4. Who can join PEBH?

Any individual, publisher, academic institution, or professional organization who has at least one published print book and want to distribute their copies online; those who want to publish their books online – given that the books are Filipiniana in nature.

5. What are the criteria for selecting e-books for inclusion in the Philippine E-Book Hub?

  • Please see About Philippine E-Book Hub, Item # 2.
  • Contributors should be able to provide all the required e-book content in electronic format
  • Registered ISBN and E-ISBN for the e/book (the E-ISBN can follow)

6. What are the required content in electronic format that we need to submit to include our book in PEBH?

  • Cover page (JPEG)
  • About the Book – Title, Author, Summary, Year Published, Keywords (DOC)
  • Full text article of the book (EPUB or PDF)

7.How can my/our e-book be a part of PEBH?

The individual, publisher, academic institution, or professional organization representative must sign an Exclusive License to Publishing Agreement (ELPA), a three-year contract between C&E and the licensor.

8. How do we submit the files for uploading?

You can submit the files to us via flash drive, or through email. Our email address with a capacity to accept bigger files is: We can also arrange file sharing through Google Drive.

Benefits for Publishers

9. Why should we join PEBH?

  1. Support a project that promotes the Filipinos collective sense of identity through literature. Through PEBH, we endeavor to take part in nation-building and in the preservation of Philippine literacy heritage.
  2. Wider circulation, readership, and appreciation (especially of old books). The e-books are downloadable from the PEBH website in E-PUB and PDF format, and viewable online in HTML format. This distribution blueprint allows for convenient access and promotes reading to every individual or organization with Internet connection or none.

10. What are the benefits of joining PEBH through signing the ELPA?

C&E Publishing Inc. through KITE E-Learning Solutions, Inc. will provide the following support and services:

  • hosting of e-books on the PEBH server
  • processing and storing of content in data-encrypted storage environments with automatic content back-up
  • administration of the payment gateway for e-book purchases/subscription
  • promotion, marketing, and sales of e-books
  • financial incentives on the form of royalties

11. Does C&E charge publishers for having their e-book included in the PEBH platform?

No, C&E will process, host, and manage the e-books free of charge.

12. How will readers read e-books from PEBH?

Readers can view the e-books online in HTML format from the PEBH website anywhere, anytime.

13. In what e-book formats will our works be made available?

The same with PEBH’s current collection, your books will be available in the following formats: PDF and EPUB, the de-facto standard e-book format that can run across major devices and operating systems.