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El Filibusterismo

-José Rizal

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This is the Complete English Version of the Spqanish "El Filibusterismo" by José Rizal, translated by Charles Derbyshire. El Filibusterismo, the second of José Rizal’s novels of Philippine life, is a story of the last days of the Spanish régime in the Philippines. Under the name of The Reign of Greed it is for the first time translated into English. Written some four or five years after Noli Me Tangere, the book represents Rizal’s more mature judgment on political and social conditions in the islands, and in its graver and less hopeful tone reflects the disappointments and discouragements which he had encountered in his efforts to lead the way to reform. 

Year Publish: 1912

Language: Tagalog

Categories: Drama and Play, Fiction, Classics


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