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Doctrina Christiana

-Fray Juan de Plascencia

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The Doctrina Christiana was an early book of Roman Catholic catechism, written in 1593 by Fray Juan de Plasencia, and is believed to be one of the earliest books printed in the Philippines. The title literally means “Christian Doctrine”, and thus the primary goal of the book was to propagate Christian teaching across the Philippine archipelago. After a syllabary comes the basic prayers: the Lord's Prayer, Hail Mary, Credo, and the Salve Regina. Following these are Articles of Faith, the Ten Commandments, Commandments of the Holy Church, Sacraments of the Holy Church, Seven Mortal Sins, Fourteen Works of Charity, and points on Confession and Catechism.

Year Publish: 1593

Language: English

Categories: Non-Fiction, Biography


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