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The Great White Tribe in Filipinia

-Paul Thomas Gilbert

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Published during the dawn of the American colonization of the Philippines in the early 1900’s, "The Great White Tribe in Filipinia" depicts a vaguely debatable ‘racial’ view of the Philippine islands, its culture, it’s way of life, and its inhabitants, the Filipinos, written in traveler’s journal style. The said book, authored by an American writer named Paul T. Gilbert, described most of the Filipinos he encountered during his travels around the Philippines as ‘savages’, ‘pagans’, ‘ignorants’, ‘primitives’ and other ‘racial slurs’ Filipino greats living during those times like Manuel L. Quezon, Jose Abad Santos, and Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo would greatly oppose.

(Source: http://www.allphilippines.com/the-great-white-tribe-in-filipinia-a-racist-view-of-the-filipinos/)

Year Publish: 1903

Language: English

Categories: Non-Fiction, History


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